Jose Torroella Campaign for State Attorney

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Jose Torroella for State Attorney

To the Voters of Orange and Osceola Counties:

Hello, my name is Jose Torroella.

Please stand with me as I fight crime in all of our neighborhoods.

The reason I entered this race is because I am tired of politically correct State Attorneys who do not file charges against criminals, who think non- violent crimes like theft, fraud, and drugs should not be prosecuted, who offer light sentences for serious violent crimes.

In essence, there is no deterrent to not commit crimes within our counties.

This is the way it has been for the past 10 years and it will be much worse if you elect my opponent Monique Worrell. You see, my opponent does not believe in fighting crime. She has been endorsed by “Orlando for Revolution”, “Osceola for Revolution”, “Dream Defenders”, “United for Progress PAC”, and the list of similar organizations goes on and on. In essence, Monique Worrell is a radical leftist. She is supported by activist George Soros and his political organizations. She took money from Michael Moore. Further, 90% of the contributions her campaign has received come from out of state donors – not Floridians – much less from Orange or Osceola counties.

My opponent has admitted she will decriminalize our criminal laws as much as possible by offering diversion programs to almost everyone. She even wants to decriminalize our criminal traffic laws like DUI ( Driving Under the Influence) and Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License.
Diversion programs for all. Imagine the chaos !!!

My opponent believes people with drug addictions should not be prosecuted.
I beg to differ.

People with addictions need money. It is not uncommon for them to steal, rob, commit burglaries, assault law abiding citizens, and also sell drugs in order to maintain their addiction. People with addictions are many times slaved into prostitution. For those who have an addiction but do not commit other crimes, there is Drug Court. While in Drug Court they receive the help they need , supervised by the Court.

Electing my opponent will translate into anarchy. Our beloved counties will become just like Chicago,New York City, Seattle and Portland.

I will reverse this trend.
All I am asking is for your vote Nov 3.

My opponent is more concerned about the rights of the criminals than the rights of victims and the safety of our community. Ms. Worrell is hardly concerned about the safety and well being of our law enforcement officers.
We need to let Law Enforcement know that we have their back.
After all, the Office of the State Attorney is law enforcement.

 Do not believe the mantra of “Criminal Justice Reform “.

It is simply appealing language so they can decriminalize everything and by doing so create anarchy in our society and transform our beautiful counties into wastelands.
Lets fight back !!!

95% of our fellow citizens are law abiding, 5% are not.
Don’t let this small minority hold us hostage to their criminal activity.

Lets stand our ground and fight back.

DO THE CRIME DO THE TIME is my slogan.

It is easy to remember. So on Nov. 3 or before, when you have the ballot in front of you remember DO THE CRIME, DO THE TIME and VOTE for JOSE TORROELLA for STATE ATTORNEY.
I am your No Party Affiliation Candidate.

Why are jails and prisons important ?? They are the only place criminals do not like.
Also while they are warehoused in a jail or prison, our communities are SAFE. Real criminals are seldom rehabilitated.

Thank you for reading my message. GRACIAS !!

Sincerely, Jose Torroella.

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME. I hold a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, an M.B.A. from Thunderbird School of Global Management (now part of Arizona State University System); B.A. Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon. I have two adult children who were born and raised in Orlando. They both attend college. One at Purdue University the other at Jacksonville University. I have lived and practiced criminal law (3 years as a prosecutor; 29 as criminal defense attorney) in Orange and Osceola counties, as well as throughout Florida. I am a naturalized United States citizen for over 32 years. Prior to becoming a U.S. citizen I was a Spanish citizen. There is actually a town north of Barcelona, along the Mediterranean Sea called Torroella.